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 Adrian and BING LI Story:
 Hi,Adrian from Chicago here. Can’t believe how many great women there are from asia. I’ve been on the lookout for native asian girls for a while and have my hands full here! I just love tradition and purity of asian women and they’re so sexy. I’ve looked at quite a few asian singles sites but yours easily has the most attractive ladies. Other than all the great features I’ve enjoyed, the site is just so easy to use. Main thing I wanted to say is although I’ve only been here a short while I’ve found a great girl – BING LI from Hebei, China. When I got in touch she responded straight away! I’m now planning to go meet her. I know we’re so far apart and don’t want to get carried away but I can’t help thinking of her being my wife here. Sure would be a sweet marriage! You’ve got a great service so keep it up – asian dating at its best. Thanks.
Adrian – Chicago, Illinois

WenYing Liu and David


I am WenYing Liu from Chongqing China, I am more than lucky to meet my husband David on It's really such a wonderful website, I have found the best husband in the world here.

We start to talk on this site in March. When he replied me the first letter, I know he is the one. We have many common points, time shows my feeling is totally correct, he also feels the same as me. We feel our heart talk freely here. Even we have language barrier, have culture difference, we still feel our bond is so tight. So our marriage is so natural, just like we are born to be together, as if our fate waits for us. Then, we agreed to meet in person, he flied to Chongqing, China in June 17, we are so in love when we saw each other first sight. we got married.

He is the best man I know in the world, he is exactly the same like his words, caring, funny, friendly, affectionate, understanding, respectfully. I am so lucky to meet such a perfect man. Now he have gone back his home in United State. He is applying for the visa for me to get to United State. I am sure we will live happily together. I thank to bring us together. I want to share our happiness to everybody who is seeking love here. I believe you can find your true love too!

WenYing Liu – Chongqing, China
David – AL, USA

Our meeting was a miracle


My name is HaiYing Zhou. I wrote this letter to thank you. I met my husband Denis through your site, and we got married on October 14th. Our meeting was a miracle. I received his first letter just half a month before, he is in Chongqing, he came to my city for visiting, and he found my profile on your site and he sent me a letter, invited me for dinner. I took his invitation and went to meet him with my translator. Our meeting went very well. He is a very kind and caring man, I feel very comfortable with him. We both feel wonderful together. He proposed to me. I had no reason to refuse him.

Although it happened so suddenly, I said "yes" to him. I feel it's our destiny, I can't let it go. We don't know much about each other. But we already know we have the most important things in a happy marriage. We are both patient, caring persons. We care about each other, we are happy together. We share same value. We both agree, love exists in daily life, we don't need dramatic but simple, happy life together. We know we can stay watching each other until end of life.

I wish your site more and more success stories!

HaiYing Zhou – Chongqing, China
Denis – MI, USA

Hear the Love Story of GuiYing Zuo and Scott

Dear Team,

Thanks, I knew my husband from the agency of the site. When I saw him, I found he is very handsome and gentle, and treats me very well, he likes to make everything very clean, I do feel he has all good virtues what I am looking for in a man. When we stay together, we found we have so much in common, we have very strong feeling to each other, we fell deep love with each other soon. So we got married on 30th Sep, and we held a wedding on 7th Oct, all my family and friends came to attend our wedding and witness our love and happiness.

Now my husband is still living here, we live a very happy life together. And he will come back to USA soon, and when he comes back, he will apply a visa for me. We are both looking forward to our bright future, our reunion. Thanks very much for the site.

GuiYing Zuo – Chongqing, China
Scott – Little Falls, MD, USA makes two hearts beat faster


On the 18th October 2010 Junzhi Bai and myself got married in Chongqing on my visit their after being in touch and falling in love with each other since January of this year we wish to stay in touch through your site until Junzhi Bai can come and live here in England with me as a married loving couple and therefore ask if can remain and use your service and also ask any help you may have on arrangements for my wife to come to me here.

We should also like to thank you for your help and service in providing us with the facility to meet and become husband and wife in appreciation we could write a story for your promotional events.


Paul - England
Junzhi Bai - Chongqing, China

Love Story of Garey and Guiqin

Dear Team,

Thanks, I knew my wife from the agency of the site. When I saw her, I found she is very sweet and pretty and treats me very well, she likes to make everything very clean, and cook many kinds of delicious Chinese food for me. We go shopping together and she bought me many nice clothes. I do feel she has all good virtues what I am looking for in a woman. When we stay together, we found we have so much in common, we have very strong feeling to each other, we have felt deep love with each other soon. So we got married on 2nd November and we will held a wedding on Dec, all her family and friends will come to attend our wedding and witness our love and happiness. Not only her but also all her family is very nice and treats me very well. I feel so so so lucky that I find my princess... she is my fox and I am her wolf...

Now I am in USA but she is still living in China. We lived a very happy life together and I miss her very much. And I will go to China again, and now I am applying for a visa for her. I hope she can come to USA soon so that we can stay with each other for ever. We are both looking forward to our bright future, our reunion. Thank you very much for the site.

Garey - USA
Guiqin - Shenyang, China



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